Most of the clothing we give out is used. It’s good, clean, and servicable. But things like toiletries, socks, and underwear are best new. And it costs precious dollars for these new items every year.

So today, we are asking for your help with something different - but something that is literally right next to the heart of someone who is trying to get off the streets.

Fortunately, we can outfit a person with these “bare essentials” for a relatively small amount. But considering all the people who need these items, your generous gift will make a big difference.

Your Gift Today Is All About Dignity...

T-shirts. Shorts. Socks. Basic necessities, right?


Here at the Central Coast Rescue Mission, most folks arrive with just the clothes on their backs. Imagine not owning even a simple change of underwear. How it could crush your spirit.

Your generous gift today will help provide these much-needed essentials. And will help restore dignity to people longing to redsicover their self worth.


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