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Eugene Leaves Drifter Lifestyle Behind, Looks To Establish Roots

As he nears his 50th birthday, Eugene reflects on his life spent wandering. “I was just drifting through this country like a tumbleweed,” he said. “I haven’t established any roots, which was cool because there was no responsibility. But I see there are downsides to that. I never established real long term relationships. Having friends, […]

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When a Sentence Turns Into a Blessing

It isn’t always by choice that people end up at the mission. Sometimes, as a result of a crime, part of sentencing will involve time in a recovery program. That’s how Steve ended up here. “It was court ordered that I come here for six months,” he said. Steve doesn’t have a scandalous story. He […]

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Breaking the Cycle

Speaking from experience, Greg states, “You gotta get sober. You gotta find a good support group. You gotta surround yourself with good people. Don’t get caught out there. It sucks you in and soon you are on the streets and it becomes a cycle that is hard to break.” For Greg, that cycle broke. In […]

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Real Life

Having grown up on the Central Coast, Casey attended local schools, graduated high school, and began a successful career. He states, “But then I had a really hard time. I had problems with my girlfriend and for whatever reason, I went down another road and got into addiction. It was a train wreck for about […]

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Making Change a Friend

“This place has changed my life from where I was to where I am at now. I’m healthy. I’m off the streets. I’m helping others instead of taking from them. I’m learning about God. What He is doing in my life now is amazing because I’ve never really liked change and He is changing me. […]

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