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Breaking the Cycle

Speaking from experience, Greg states, “You gotta get sober. You gotta find a good support group. You gotta surround yourself with good people. Don’t get caught out there. It sucks

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Blame Game Tamed

“By age 12, I blamed God for my problems. I blamed God for my brothers’ illnesses. I blamed God for the way our home operated as a broken home. I

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Friday Night Food Truck

In early 2017, the Central Coast Rescue Mission “rolled” out an exciting new outreach that has a lot of people excited. Johnny Torres, the mission’s cook, came up with the

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Raised in Love

Seeing the love in Brendon’s eyes as he recalls how his mother and grandmother raised him, you know that he had an amazing childhood. “With no dad around, my mom

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Living and Leaving a Legacy

Brock states, “I had a good life growing up here locally. The root of my problem is that I like to party too much, it started in high school. Partying

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Rebuilding a Good Foundation

Brandon shares, “I had been sober about five and a half years, but I started getting depressed, so I started drinking again. I got three DUI’s within 13 months and

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Real Life

Having grown up on the Central Coast, Casey attended local schools, graduated high school, and began a successful career. He states, “But then I had a really hard time. I

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Lessons Learned, Looking Forward

Reflecting on lessons learned at the mission, Will says, “Transparency is a big one. Knowing that I’m not alone and that I’m able to help others through being transparent is

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Intercessory Player

An intercessor is defined as, “a person who intervenes on behalf of another.” That is Ivan.
Through diligence at the thrift store, in the place of transitioning leadership, Ivan has stepped

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Ring Man

“I didn’t have my wedding ring when I came into the program and my wife has since expressed a desire to reconcile. The other day she put the wedding ring

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