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Program Assistant Reflects On His Journey To The Mission

Mike Ruiz, the program assistant at the mission for nearly a year, still seems in awe of where he’s ended up. “I never would’ve imagined this. If you would’ve told

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Director’s Note – April

The end of my work day is my favorite part of my time at the mission. Yes, I get to go home, but that’s not the draw. It’s the time

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Leonard faces his fears and begins to trust

Leonard and his older sister were raised by a single father, and the family moved around a lot. Leonard didn’t meet his mother until he was 13. “I was nervous

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Jeff ‘sacrificed everything’ for his addiction

Jeff grew up in Santa Barbara in a middle class family, and he was always acting out. “I have three sisters, and I was always the rebel, since kindergarten,” he

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Director’s Note – March 2019

Today we celebrated Ernie, the first graduate of our improved Transitional Living Program at the mission, one with enhanced job placement and leadership training opportunities. After our traditional house ceremony,

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After Bout With Homelessness, Anthony Embraces Growth at the Mission

After living in Santa Maria for years, Anthony’s father fell in love with Hawaii. “He went there and really liked it, so he wanted us to live there,” said Anthony,

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VW Joe

“VW Joe” Finds Compassion From Mission Staff, Clients

Joseph, a self-described motorhead, wrote for car and motorcycle magazines for 25 years. “I went all over the world,” he said. “I saw some of the great races and great

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A Look Back At A Joyous And Successful Year For The Mission

2018 was an amazing year at the mission! The Life Recovery Program was revamped with a third phase, so staff can be assured that graduates have a plan in place

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Doing the Work, Reaping the Rewards

We are proud of all the men we serve in our programs. Here are two who have overcome, graduated, and moved on to live productive, fruitful lives:
Kevin (pictured above) struggled

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Director’s Note – January 2019

I look back at 2018 with great excitement and a sense of awe! With your help, we have created programs that result in sustainable life change, and that is humbling.

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