A Strange Answer to Prayer – One prayer led him to the mission

Nov 9, 2014

So many things have affected my life; drug dealing, being in a gang, abuse, my addiction, failed relationships, etc. It all came to an end on April 1, 2014. That night it seemed I had nothing to live for. I wasn’t being a parent. I was strung out. The police were looking for me.

It’s funny to me how, at our darkest moments, our hearts cry out for God to help us. I was at an all-time low, living in a house I squatted in. My friends came in and out using me for drugs and a place to live. Eventually, as the drugs disappeared, so did they. My house became uncomfortable to live in. First the lights were shut off; then the water and gas got shut off. I had no help and I felt trapped, lost, and alone.

I never knew much about God. I just felt like I had to pray….so I did. I prayed for help to get off drugs, for help to get me out of my situation, for help getting away from the people using me, and for help just to start over. I wanted to be a dad again. On April 1, 2014 God sent the police to answer my prayer. I didn’t want to go to jail. I couldn’t be a parent from jail. I felt angry and I questioned God. When I got to jail, someone asked me if I read. I said it was one of my favorite things to do. I picked up the Bible and read it every day. I found that God would comfort me in that dark time and place. I served three months in jail and now realize that was God’s way of getting me sober.

After that, I started the 8-month program at the Central Coast Rescue Mission. The mission has been nothing short of a God-send for me. All the things I ever needed are provided here. I found the love, guidance, fellowship, accountability, and health I needed. The most important thing is I am getting a formal education on my Savior Jesus Christ. I am learning how to apply His values to my everyday life. I have learned to forgive people in my life and move on from past hurts. I have been sober for over six months. I have restored healthy relationships with my children and family after three years.

After graduating the rescue mission program, I want to help troubled teens. I also want to continue my education and go to ministry school. I want to thank everyone who has supported my journey and who supports the Central Coast Rescue Mission. I also want to give a special thanks to my mom and dad for their support and love. ~ Adrian S



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