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We are here for you. Select the service you need and we will provide compassionate and effective care to the best of our ability.

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Every purchase made from the Central Coast Rescue Mission Super Thrift Store helps improve the lives of those in your community.

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Every day as the sun rises and sets along the coast, the Central Coast Rescue Mission is changing lives for good.

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Nights of Shelter

Last year we provided more than 5,000 nights of safe, warm, and comfortable sleep to the men in our Life Recovery Program.

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Meals Served Last Year

A warm meal nourishes the body, mind, and soul. It can make all the difference in the world to someone who is struggling.

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Over 6,900 articles of clothing were given to people in need through our direct assistance and life recovery programs.

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Needy families receive grocery assistance from our three pantry locations.

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Your donation supports people in need and helps them lead healthy, self-sufficient lives.

Lives Changed For Good.

Looking forward to a new year at the Mission

As we enter 2022 at the Central Coast Rescue Mission, we’ve been considering the many peaks and valleys of 2021, and what’s coming up in this year ahead. We’ve become experts at pivoting when faced with challenges outside of our control. We wish the pandemic was over. All year staff and volunteers have risked their…

Lives changed for good: Updates

Rickie’s divorce was a traumatic event in his life, and led to an increase in his alcohol use. He ended up with three DUIs in a year, and the final one resulted in almost a year in jail. When he was released in October 2020, the pandemic had been in full swing for months. “I…

Director’s Note

By this time of the year at the Mission, our emotions are high and our tanks are nearing empty. We served 1,000 meals at our annual Thanksgiving Banquet. And at our Christmas Banquet we’re gearing up to serve 1,200 meals and give out 600 Christmas gifts! We mourned another year of the to-go style banquets,…