David Looks to Follow in His Father’s Footsteps

Jan 26, 2018

Twenty years ago, David’s father had his last drink after a lifetime of alcoholism. The secret to his success was committing to God, something that David is now working toward every day. “My dad would end up in the hospital, that’s how bad his drinking was,” David said. “He struggled with alcoholism for so long. But then he started studying the bible and his life changed. I do think God can play a major role in your life.”

David grew up Catholic and attended church. “I think if I would’ve stayed in church, I wouldn’t have found myself facing the problems I am now. When I first started drinking, I didn’t realize it would turn into an addiction. And then little by little, it just got worse.”

David lived in Santa Barbara County most of his life, then moved to Bakersfield with one of his brothers to work in the oil fields. After his drinking escalated one night, David was arrested for a domestic altercation. He quit drinking, but after a couple months he started drinking socially again. Eventually, he was back to the point of blacking out. After his second offense, instead of a jail sentence, he came to the mission. “I’ve never done drugs—not even one time. But alcohol still got me to the point where I lost control of myself.”

After four months in the program, David is appreciative of the time he has to focus on his relationship with God. “Things are going good,” David said. “I’m here and I’m staying sober. That is going to help me. But more than that, I am studying about Jesus and am growing closer to God.”

David plans on completing the program with a stronger biblical foundation and a better understanding of his addiction. “First, my focus is to get out and follow God. I know that will help me. I want to start going to church and just behaving. And of course I plan on graduating and getting back into the world and working. I know now my weak link, what got me here, is my addiction to alcohol. I’ve never been in trouble with the law until alcohol came into my life. I’ve never been in this position and I don’t plan on going back.”


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