Making Change a Friend

Feb 14, 2017

“This place has changed my life from where I was to where I am at now. I’m healthy. I’m off the streets. I’m helping others instead of taking from them. I’m learning about God. What He is doing in my life now is amazing because I’ve never really liked change and He is changing me. I can’t just sit here. I’ve got to walk with Him,” says Anthony.

Instead of being a bitter enemy, at the mission, Anthony is learning to make change his friend. It wasn’t always that way. Anthony recalls, “I didn’t really start getting into trouble until I was 18, or at least that is when I started getting caught. I was a heavy drinker. I used drugs. It was a constant cycle. I was getting deeper and deeper into my addiction.
I eventually was caught and went to jail. I told my lawyer I needed a drug program.” Andrew Daly, Program Lead at the mission, was contacted and after three weeks, Anthony was in for some change.

That was a year ago. This is Anthony’s second time in the program. Anthony states, “The difference between now and then is that before, I knew about God, but this time I know God and am reading the Bible. I never really prayed. I never really took the footsteps to know him. Now I do. I’m not really outgoing. I’m very quiet and that is something that is changing. I work at the thrift store and I help out with the outreaches. I never really had structure in my life. In the past, if it wasn’t my idea then I wasn’t having it. But now I’m more open to trusting God and others.” Anthony is learning to make change his friend.

Regarding the future Anthony boasts, “I want to graduate from the program, maybe go back to school. I’m thinking about the Army.”

Anthony is an example of change. Thank you for your support of the mission where lives are changed for good.


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