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Program gives Dean time to regroup, focus on scripture

Dean came to the Mission in January.

Dean came to the Mission in January.

He encourages others to find God

Dean knows it’s a “blessing” for him to still be alive. While intoxicated, Dean crashed into a car and broke his neck. However, because the other driver was on his cellphone at the time, Dean “got out of it.” A couple years later, under the influence, Dean went over 70 miles per hour, hit a tree, and broke his neck again. “It woke me up, made me see the light,” he said.

Dean grew up in Lancaster with his mother and three siblings. His father left when he was young. “My mom (who passed away last year) was a single mom; she did a great job raising the kids,” he said. “We were always on our bikes. She decided she was going to build a BMX track to keep us out of trouble … it was a great thing she did for us. I still ride today.”

Dean graduated high school, entered the workforce, married and had three children. But when Dean separated from his wife and his job became stressful, Dean’s drinking increased. “I thought I had everything under control, but I didn’t. … I was under a lot of pressure from my job; I was drinking more than I should… So, I said, ‘Lord, I do need help.’”

Dean heard about the Mission through his daughter. “She said, ‘You know what dad, I think you should really look into this facility.’ Because I had a drinking problem. I definitely knew that,” Dean said, “I also did a little bit of marijuana. I gave up marijuana, that was easy. The drinking was the hard, hard deal.”

In January 2024, Dean arrived at the Mission. He admits he had a rough start. “I was lost. I didn’t want to be here, but I knew I better stick this out for my daughters and my son. I’m glad I stayed. I needed this time to relax, to regroup and read my Bible. I need to be here; this is what I need to do.

“I learned a lot about myself. God’s good. He’s provided everything I need right now.”

While in the program, Dean is focusing on his relationship with God. Although he went to church before entering the Mission, Dean is excited to have the time to study scripture. “I open my Bible more than I ever have in my life. I like it,” Dean said. “I want this to work. I’m a fan (of the program).

“I’m here and I’m sober and it’s a very good thing.”

After graduation, Dean wants to stay sober, get his own place, find a church, and start riding his bike again. The most important lesson Dean wants to share with others is to “find God. If you don’t have

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