A Wanted Man

Jan 3, 2017

“Nobody wanted me around,” says Travis. “I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and had a violent childhood.  I watched my step-dad shoot a gun out of the house window at my mother. At the age of 12, my step-dad gave me meth so I would play better in a baseball game. After experiencing real, spiritual evil, at the age of 20, I wanted out of the drug and gang lifestyle. I was scared. So I moved to Oklahoma, but my drug problem moved with me. I was introduced to the Bible in prison and felt the peace of God, but troubles still followed me. I made up excuses why I shouldn’t change my life and blamed others.”

Again, nobody wanted Travis around. Well, that is except God. He began to bring Travis to himself through the most unlikely, chaotic circumstances.

Moving to Santa Maria, Travis’ job coach found him work at the mission’s thrift store. Travis lied about being sober and stayed as such just long enough to get the job. Travis was openly high while working with the program clients during their vocational therapy. He saw what peace and joy they had without drugs and yearned to be in their situation.

Time and truth go hand in hand and Travis could no longer keep up his act. He confessed to his addiction, resigned, and with many of the guys he previously worked, was accepted at the mission. Rather than rejecting him for his hypocrisy, Travis found love, acceptance, and a sense of being wanted by God and His people. He has since surrendered his life to God’s plan and is seeking to be a good example to his family.

Travis hopes to intern with the mission, get some schooling, and pass on what he learns to his wife and daughter. He says, “Before, I would get high to celebrate or cope with life, but now I want to give to God and others.” Far from being unwanted, Travis is a wanted man. Through the mission, he has found value amidst chaotic circumstances. Thanks for giving to the mission where the unwanted find value, hope, and new life.


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