Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Nov 9, 2016

For some time, mission volunteers, Tim and Judy, had been donating items. With their children having flown the coop, they decided to get more personally involved. Thinking it was a different mission, they signed up online. Upon arrival, they discovered it wasn’t the ministry they signed up for, but were pleasantly surprised to see they were at the place they had been supporting for years through in-kind donations. We said, “Hey! These are the people we’ve been giving stuff to all these years. So we started coming on Wednesdays for the food ministry and we’ve really been blessed.”

The chickens really came home to roost for Tim and Judy when they saw the impact of their service. “We have gotten to know a lot of the people who come regularly for food, and there has been a huge spiritual impact on the adults and even children. There is a hunger out there and it is awesome to see doors open to meet those needs,” Tim states.

Showing me a picture of herself and several children with donated Bibles, Judy said, “This is why we come.” Tim says they are tempted, at times, to chicken out and not serve. But when they arrive, each time they begin talking to the program men, other volunteers, and the people they serve and are bolstered with a great amount of courage. Tim says, “We leave the mission every week more blessed than when we came. We are thankful that God would use us.”

“I’ve never been one to be a public speaker,” says Judy, “I like to be in the background and serve.” The mission is a perfect place for her to be a mother hen and use her gifts for those in great need. Bragging about his wife, Tim says, “We get a lot of moms coming with their kids and to see Judy be able to help them is awesome.”

“There are a lot of people in this city who need help. A lot of people are hurting and the rescue mission has answers,” says Judy. You don’t have to be a spring chicken to serve. This mision needs volunteers of all ages to change lives for good in our community.


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