One Giant Leap

Nov 9, 2016

Growing up in Denver, Kevin’s childhood was relatively normal. His parents loved him, but he experienced quite a bit of anxiety. Not knowing how to deal with it, Kevin would cut himself and burn his legs as a form of self-expression. He said, “I always felt anxious and never felt peace. When I got to high school, cocaine and heroin took the place of my cutting and burning. With drugs I felt a sense of peace.” How did his parents respond? They said, “We know God is going to heal you and protect you. So you can destroy your life if you want to, but we know God is handling it.” Ultimately, those words would come true. The so-called “peace” drugs offered Kevin turned to addiction, jail, and homelessness. In and out of rehabs and moving to California, he felt like his life was spinning out of control. Until he came to the mission; until he came to submission.

“It was hard the first couple of days, but I knew as soon as we went to church that this place was different. I had always been exposed to the church and to Jesus and I didn’t think it was for me and when I came here, they exposed that missing element in my life. It was that relationship with Jesus that I was missing. It wasn’t about doing enough things so I could beat my addiction when I get out there. It was about what Jesus already did for me. His love for me is the reason why I don’t have to live like that and He already paid that price. It wasn’t until I really experienced love from someone else that I was able to give it to others. It has been an eye opening experience. You may have heard of 12 steps, but there really is only one-step with God and that is submitting to him. I have to remind myself every day to submit to God. I have to give things over to Him.”

Kevin is finding a freedom in submission to him. He is enjoying relationships at the mission. His relationships with his family are improving. He is learning to love others with the love given to him. Kevin hopes to use his unique abilities in music to inspire others. He wants to graduate the mission’s Life Recovery Program and go to school.

Most of all Kevin is grateful. He is grateful for the protection and provision he has received. He is grateful for God’s love. Thank you for giving to the mission where men like Kevin are changed by taking a step of faith.


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