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Hardworking Valentin is committed to getting back on his feet

Valentin said he had a typical upbringing in Mexico, which is a little different than childhood here in the Unites States. “Here you go to a park, but I grew up in a rural ranch area,” he said. “But I would get toys and balls and toy figurines and play. And at a very young…

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Mark is focused and facing his missteps head on

Mark was born and raised on the Central Coast, primarily by his mom. “I’ve lived here my whole life,” he said. “I attended church here from a young age. I played sports-basketball and football in high school-and got my diploma.” Mark enrolled in college and attended for a couple semesters. He’s always worked, mostly in…

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Luis works on ‘building up spirit and mind’

After two difficult years in and out of jail and seeing his relationship with his family suffer, Luis decided to ask for help. He had tried to battle his addiction on his own, and at just 21, recognized that he needed more support. “I’d try to bring myself up and out of it,” he said.…

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‘Why can’t someone just fix this?’

Everyone experiencing homelessness has a different story These days we see the tents and camps of those experiencing homelessness all around us. The population of those living on the streets seems to be ballooning in many cities. Why can’t someone just fix this? It’s a question we grapple with, and the answer is simply not…

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Director’s Note

At the Mission we strive to make our Life Recovery Program holistic. What that means is we don’t just focus on one thing when it comes to recovery. We address the whole person, and address the issues as if they were interconnected. For instance, most of our clients have experience with homelessness, so we want…

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Alex wants stability, and a future with his daughters

Alex was exposed to drugs as a child, smoking marijuana when he was just 8 and starting to experiment with other drugs by the time he was 11. “It was whatever I could get my hands on,” he said. At 13, he started selling. “I was a full-on drug dealer, picking up pounds (of drugs).…

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When Anthony arrived at the Mission a few years ago, he was coming off a long time on the streets, including on Skid Row. “If I saw a needle on the ground with a little something in it, I would pick it up and stick it in my arm,” he said. “That’s how bad it…

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DIRECTOR’S NOTE – Let’s talk about alumni

This month I connected with five past graduates of our Life Recovery Program, and three clients who didn’t complete the program. These connections fill my heart and encourage me. They remind me to show grace to current clients, especially the troublemakers! In recent years, the Mission has been focusing intently on alumni. We do this…

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After being recently dismissed, Victor returned to the Mission’s Life Recovery Program to give it another try. He was welcomed back by the other guys in program, got his things unpacked, and set up near his old bed. Then he said he wanted to head to the thrift store for his vocational training. He was…

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Victor is taking advantage of his second chance at life

Victor was born in Mexico, but took off for the United States when he was just 16. “There was no work over there, so I came here in 2004,” said Victor, who is a painter by trade. “When I started working, I also tried cocaine, and started using. I would work, get off work, and…

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Drugs help Zach numb emotional wounds from his youth

When Zach looks back on his childhood, he sees a kid who had everything he needed, but who dealt with some challenges along the way. “I never went without, but I felt alone,” he said. “My dad treated me differently. I was the only son that was his (others were stepchildren). My dad spoiled me—everything…

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After 10-year sobriety streak is broken, Marco looks to the mission for help

Marco has been a Christian his whole life, he said. “I was saved when I was 10 and went to church every week.” After high school, Marco went to college and got a degree in music and worship. Despite his commitment to God, Marco found himself struggling with alcohol. “I would drink sometimes on the…

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