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Ring Man

“I didn’t have my wedding ring when I came into the program and my wife has since expressed a desire to reconcile. The other day she put the wedding ring back on my finger. I wept. It means a lot to have someone else see how quickly I am developing here. She knows that the…

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Making Change a Friend

“This place has changed my life from where I was to where I am at now. I’m healthy. I’m off the streets. I’m helping others instead of taking from them. I’m learning about God. What He is doing in my life now is amazing because I’ve never really liked change and He is changing me.…

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Shaping Character, Serving Customers

Thrift store volunteer Gino says, “We are not just selling stuff to roll it up into our pockets for a profit. These men are our future. How we help, these men will shape the character of tomorrow. I’m all for it.” Gino understands the place he volunteers and ‘gets’ the vision of Central Coast Super…

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A Wanted Man

“Nobody wanted me around,” says Travis. “I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and had a violent childhood.  I watched my step-dad shoot a gun out of the house window at my mother. At the age of 12, my step-dad gave me meth so I would play better in a baseball game. After experiencing…

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When Smiles Are Extra Precious

In partnership with the Santa Maria Foursquare Church and with Grace Baptist Church, the mission is reaching out to the many homeless children that live in north Santa Barbara County. Of all the counties in California, Santa Barbara County has the highest percentage of homeless students in its school systems (13.6%), and most of that…

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Use it or Lose it

The servant who hid his talent got it taken away and given to another. The lesson to be learned is, “use it or lose it.” To that end, Haela and her daughter are making the most of their opportunities by serving as volunteers. She says, “I went to a Bible study where a lady is…

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Community Comes Together to Make Christmas Special for Over 300 Children

Printed in the Santa Maria Times, December 22, 2016 The Rescue Mission Alliance Central Coast teamed up with local churches, businesses and community members to provide gifts to more than 300 children Wednesday just in time for the holidays. Families with their children were welcomed into Santa Maria Foursquare Church, where they received a wrapped…

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A Father’s Future Focus

Henry’s father was in a gang and led his family in the gang lifestyle. Struggling to be a good example to his son, Henry is now trying to break away from his past and lead his family in the right path. His initial break away came through sports, particularly football, baseball, and wrestling. Growing up,…

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Service With a Smile

Enedina’s pastor asked his church to help at the rescue mission. She responded joyfully and served. She enjoyed it so much she came back multiple times and has served in many different ways. She has packaged and handed out food, she has helped with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and she has processed drop-off donations. Enedina’s…

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Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

For some time, mission volunteers, Tim and Judy, had been donating items. With their children having flown the coop, they decided to get more personally involved. Thinking it was a different mission, they signed up online. Upon arrival, they discovered it wasn’t the ministry they signed up for, but were pleasantly surprised to see they…

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One Giant Leap

Growing up in Denver, Kevin’s childhood was relatively normal. His parents loved him, but he experienced quite a bit of anxiety. Not knowing how to deal with it, Kevin would cut himself and burn his legs as a form of self-expression. He said, “I always felt anxious and never felt peace. When I got to…

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Filling the Void in My Heart

My name is Vincent and for most of my life, I have felt a certain void in my heart. Growing up I was distant from my parents and I was raised by my grandmother. I held onto the resentments towards my parents and took them out on her. I felt rejected by my family and…

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