Desperate Prayers of a Desperate Man

Jun 9, 2016

I was a fully functioning alcoholic. I worked a good job making a good living. I had a great place to live and on the outside, I seemed content and happy. Slowly I was destroying my life and living in a pit of depression. Several times in different places, I have seen this pattern in my life. My drinking would cause me to self-destruct. Then I would move to a new town, get a new job, and a new social circle – just to repeat the cycle again and again.

I was at the point that I hated to drink, but didn’t have the ability to quit. So I began to resent myself for not being strong enough to just stop. Then I prayed. I said “God I know I was meant for more than this, I will do anything you want me to do, if you help me out of this addiction.” Well, God was listening. Through a dear friend, I was introduced to the Central Coast Rescue Mission. He said the Holy Spirit kept highlighting my name and that God had a great opportunity for me.

Seeing that God was moving everything into place, I decided to surrender my life to Jesus and rededicate my walk of faith. Not only have I quit drinking but I’ve also quit smoking cigarettes. I never thought I would quit; I honestly believed that I was trapped in that cycle forever. In a sense I was right – I alone, could not quit.

Once I fully surrendered my life to Jesus, I was able to find the strength in my weaknesses. With the structured environment that the rescue mission has provided, I have been able to reshape my life and habits to imitate Christ. Now I’m growing daily in my walk with God. Helping others in need and becoming a prayer warrior. I’ve been watching my prayers being answered all around me time after time. This I know – God answers desperate prayers of desperate people – like me! ~ Justin



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