Set Free…

Jun 9, 2016

My name is Rob Sullivan and I am letting Jesus change my life here at Central Coast Rescue Mission. I was an out of control meth addict – I bought, sold, and made meth for 17 years. Meth was my way of life. I felt that I needed meth to fuel my desire for money, control and what I thought was power. I went so far as to call the group that I sold drugs with my family.

After many years, the devil that controlled my life finally lost its luster. It was at that point in my life that I was trying to stay clean, but I was successful only for short periods. The final straw came when I got a call from my younger brother about him getting out of prison. He wanted me to pick him up in Paso Robles and of course, as the older brother, I said I would. He looked up to me, and I knew he followed my example of destructive behavior for many years. As I was about to leave for Paso Robles to get my brother, I had the urge to get high. I went so far as to call ahead to have some meth lined up for me to pick up. Three days later, my brother showed up at the hotel where I was staying, only to see me getting high with two others. It was then that it hit me; I forgot to pick up my brother. I felt lower than dirt.

Since then, thanks to this mission, I have come to know Christ on a personal level. He freed me from many addictions and sparing me from the symptoms of withdrawal from the life I had experienced.

I tried to escape the lifestyle many times, but it is Christ who has set me free from the pain, rage, and shame that used to drive my addiction. Today, through the love of Christ, I am learning how to love myself. I work and live with others that have come out of similar drug related backgrounds.

I now feel whole through Christ. He put life back in my body and I’m not just going through the motions and feeling dead inside. I now feel those things that I’ve seen for many years in books, the Bible, and while in jail. I feel that I am truly set free. ~ Rob



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