A Father’s Future Focus

Nov 30, 2016

Henry’s father was in a gang and led his family in the gang lifestyle. Struggling to be a good example to his son, Henry is now trying to break away from his past and lead his family in the right path.

His initial break away came through sports, particularly football, baseball, and wrestling. Growing up, they were a good diversion for Henry. They kept him away from the streets and gave him a sense of accomplishment.

In his teen years, Henry entered into a life-long battle with addiction. After years of struggle and, for the better part of the last four years, he was clean. But then, recently, Henry relapsed. He says, “I thought I was cured and now I know I wasn’t. I will always need help.” Spending a brief time in jail, he found his way to the mission.

Because of his time at the mission, Henry knows what is important. He says, “Now, I realize it’s the one step. It is the Bible that I need to focus on. I’ve got to finish my program for myself and my son’s future. I’m confident and believe that God’s Word is my foundation.

I want everything around me strong so that my wife and my son won’t stumble or fall. I want them to see dad is strong and I want to bring that strength back to my home. I have a six-month commitment here and then I am going home with my family, to love them like they deserve to be loved.”

Thank you for giving to the mission. Thank you for your investment in the future health of Henry’s family.


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