Service With a Smile

Nov 30, 2016

Enedina’s pastor asked his church to help at the rescue mission. She responded joyfully and served. She enjoyed it so much she came back multiple times and has served in many different ways. She has packaged and handed out food, she has helped with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and she has processed drop-off donations.

Enedina’s volunteer service provided her with the work experience she needed and, recently, was hired by the mission’s thrift store. She was so proud of the mission and the work being done that she decided to spend the best hours of her day there. She says, “I love working with people. I love serving people. It makes me feel good. I can put food on the table for my family and I have been given another opportunity.”

You see, Enedina’s life wasn’t always service with a smile. Like many of the mission’s sucesses, Enedina, at one time, needed a hand-up in life. Because of this, she was labeled by other employers who made it hard for her to get a foot in the door. She says, “I felt like nobody wanted me, but God wanted me, the mission wanted me, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve. Not only can you volunteer, but you learn and that experience carries with you wherever you go.” For Enedina, the volunteer experience allowed her to stay right where she cheerfully started.

Enedina’s goal is to give her life for others and do it with a smile.


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