Intercessory Player

Mar 13, 2017

An intercessor is defined as, “a person who intervenes on behalf of another.” That is Ivan.

Through diligence at the thrift store, in the place of transitioning leadership, Ivan has stepped in and provided useful service to the mission. Ivan states, “At first I thought this was just a thrift store; this is just work, but it’s not just the business aspect. I started seeing everything and I knew I was working for a good cause and not just the ‘bottom line’. What this place stands for and what’s behind the doors; is great. I really enjoy working with the program men and explaining to the customers what we are really about.

“Some of it was familiar from my previous job, but it was different as well having to train people and manage limited time with increased responsibilities.” Ivan and the team are working on several projects including increased, creative use of volunteers, collaborating with community agencies, and successful vocational training for the mission clients. “My goal for the guys in vocational training is that they become role models for the volunteers. That they have a good work ethic and that when they leave the program they are confident they can get a job because of the skills they obtained here. I want them to see that they are capable of doing a lot. I told the men today, ‘It is possible.”

As far as excellence in the thrift store, Ivan and the team are working on attractive presentation, cleanliness, customer service, and getting the word out. He says, “I’ve gone to some of the mission’s outreaches and tell everyone we have a thrift store and that they can be involved there as well.”


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