Lessons Learned, Looking Forward

Apr 20, 2017

Reflecting on lessons learned at the mission, Will says, “Transparency is a big one. Knowing that I’m not alone and that I’m able to help others through being transparent is a big lesson learned. Being able to identify with others and being honest brings camaraderie. Camaraderie is a huge part of the program here. It is very important everyone feels encouraged.”

Will continues, “I’ve learned to be comfortable with who God designed me to be. As an intelligent designist, I believe God has shaped and designed us for His glory and honor. Being comfortable with that is a fingerprint of God. It gives me value and purpose. I think I was trying to follow other people’s callings instead of who God has called me to be.”
Noting a third lesson learned, Will states, “I learned how to work with leadership. Taking orders is the easy part. The hard part is actually trusting leadership. I was hurt in the past so, in order to grow, I needed to learn to trust leadership. Through my experience here and listening to others, I have learned that trust.”

Looking forward, Will wants to focus on continued employment at the Home Depot. He states, “I enjoy it. Everyone there is really nice.” He is also reconciling with his children. “After 14 months apart, I get to spend two and a half days with them. We are going to watch movies and eat pizza with my two nephews. I get to do the father thing and the uncle thing at the same time.” As well, Will hopes to gain an advanced degree while being faithful at his church and with the opportunities God gives him. He says, “I love to teach. I like to help guide men in areas where they are insecure. I like to share my experiences and allow my life to speak to others.”

Thanks for giving to the mission where lessons are learned and looking forward to a bright future are not only for Will, but also for those who come after him.


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