Living and Leaving a Legacy

Jun 16, 2017

Brock states, “I had a good life growing up here locally. The root of my problem is that I like to party too much, it started in high school. Partying became an everyday thing and just took over my life. We thought we were cool if we partied every day, but the truth is we weren’t. It didn’t go south too fast, it was like a progression that lasted ten years. My addiction took over and I started committing terrible crimes. I would get sent home from my job at least once a week for being under the influence. And when I’d get sent home from my job, I’d have way too much time on my hands. That’s when I started committing crimes, and I just got deeper and deeper into my addiction. I knew that I shouldn’t be doing it.”

“I really only got serious about the mission when a judge made me choose a program or go to jail. I had a friend who had gone through the mission. He is a bit older than I am, but he has been sober for the last nine years. He told me to come to the mission and about his experience here. It was definitely God intervening in my life. It took me another month after my initial acceptance into the program. I was dragging my feet. I really didn’t want to come. It was like, ‘if you aren’t going to take me into the program, I’m not going to go on my own.’ The judge put me in jail for six days before I would actually come here on my own.”

Brock continues, “Since my arrival, God has worked miracles in my life. I quit smoking! When things get hard I pray. I’ve learned the power of prayer, and it works. I know that for a fact. I’ve always believed in God and Jesus, but I never practiced what I believed. That is one thing the mission has taught me; to pursue my relationship with God. I’ve also enjoyed being here with the other guys. There is accountability here at the mission with the men. If we see someone not doing something right, we just go and talk to them. It’s not about getting each other in trouble; it is about showing each other the right way. The outreaches are really good too. We have one outreach for kids, it is my favorite. To be able to give to kids who have nothing is amazing. They really like it and are truly thankful. Just the other day I was able to tell the kids not to be like me, but to stay away from drugs. I said, ‘you guys don’t have to do drugs, learn from my mistakes.’ ”


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