Rebuilding a Good Foundation

Jun 16, 2017

Brandon shares, “I had been sober about five and a half years, but I started getting depressed, so I started drinking again. I got three DUI’s within 13 months and everything just fell apart. My son’s mother said I couldn’t see him unless I stopped drinking. I was warned that, if I didn’t stop drinking, then I’d be dead. So I started looking online for a program. I called the mission, was interviewed, and they took me in.”

He continues, “Being with my boy is the motivating factor to do well here at the Central Coast Rescue Mission. I’m learning how to be more of a people person and not to be so set in my ways. I’ve also learned the power of prayer. I’m trying to get into the Bible more. I’m trying to do the footwork instead of just hoping things will change. I’m learning to be obedient and to follow the rules because they are there to help me get back into the life I want.”

“Since my time here, I’ve observed the staff’s patience and understanding. I feel the staff has experience and they understand where I am coming from. I thank God they see my potential and have shown me grace. I appreciate the guys in the program too. We all have a camaraderie and a common goal,” Brandon states.

To donors Brandon encourages, “It’s not just a good feeling for you to give, but it’s a good feeling for us to receive, and we do appreciate it. Your donations are going to a great cause. I don’t know where else we would be without your contributions. This is a great place to rebuild a foundation. You can’t do anything without a good foundation.”

Brandon says, “I’m not sure where I want to work in the future, but I do know I want to enjoy it and be an asset. I want to get back to that point where God is in control and I’m riding the waves He brings.”


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