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Tony tires of disappointing his family, himself

Tony’s parents came from Mexico before he was born, and he was born and raised in Santa Maria. “I’ve lived here my whole life,” he said. “I’m the oldest, and

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Giving the credit where credit is due—to Jesus

One evening about a month ago, one of our clients, Miguel, was standing outside the Mission talking to another client. Out of the corner of his eye he could see

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The Mission has ‘changed the way I see things’

It’s been a year since Fernando graduated the mission’s Life Recovery program, and looking back, he hardly recognizes the person he used to be. “This program has helped me realize

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Witnessing change, recognizing rewards at the Mission

One of the joys of working at the Mission is that I can be myself around our clients. We have a comfy rec area where our clients can relax, watch

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Harrison wants change, became ‘too comfortable on the streets’

Harrison and his biological sister were adopted by the same loving parents. They adopted his older sister, and when Harrison’s biological mother got pregnant again three years later, she reached

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Denis feels ‘more dedicated’ this time through the program

Denis, now 27, is the oldest of four. “I’ve always had my parents to support me,” he said. Dennis and his family moved around a lot in the Central Coast

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Miguel looks forward to the ‘bright, clear days’ after the storm

Miguel grew up in the Antelope Valley. He went to Catholic grade school and graduated from Catholic high school. His parents divorced when he was 2. His mom remarried, but

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David leaves drinking behind, starts fresh at the mission

David’s dad left his family when he was just 5, and David didn’t see him again until he was 18. They got drunk together and David never saw him again.

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After A Relapse In The Desert, Steve Builds On His Foundation At The Mission

Steve spent 15 years on the streets in the High Desert. He slept down by the Mojave River, and dropped into the Victor Valley Rescue Mission for meals and hygiene

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Marshall Wants Out Of The ‘Deep Hole’ He’s In After Overdose

Marshall was born in Santa Barbara, but spent most of his childhood in Mississippi. When he was 16, he tried meth. “I did it one time, and then we moved

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