Real Life

Apr 20, 2017

Having grown up on the Central Coast, Casey attended local schools, graduated high school, and began a successful career. He states, “But then I had a really hard time. I had problems with my girlfriend and for whatever reason, I went down another road and got into addiction. It was a train wreck for about five years. In the process, I lost my job. And from there I did odd jobs just to support my habit. I lost my house; I lost my car. My parents kicked me out because they wanted me to get help and I wouldn’t. Then I got in trouble. It became a repetitive thing and then I ended up going to drug court.”

Casey continues, “During this time I thought my life was over.” They gave me some options and I looked into it. The mission was close to home. I’d very much like to be intertwined with my family still. The mission is a place I can do that and heal the relationships I’ve broken. I was actually in another program before the mission, but it wasn’t a sober living house and didn’t have the godly aspects, which I think is what I’ve been missing this whole time.

“I was totally scared when I got here, but now I’m open and willing to change. That is what I really want… to change. I’m learning each day. Since I’ve been here, it has been the longest time I’ve been sober. I’ve learned to appreciate life more. I’ve begun to wake up each morning with an excitement about what the day might bring. I was basically in a really dark place for a long time and now I’m thankful for all the bad stuff that happened to me because it has brought me to this point.

“I hope to graduate. I want to continue my journey with Christ and learn more each day. I want to get back to work when. I would like to get married and have children. I have some friends that I did wrong and I would like to make amends.

“To mission donors, I would thank them first. They probably won’t know the extent of how much help they do, they help a lot of people get their lives back. I’ve seen people here who are totally transformed. You get to see God’s work right before your eyes. That’s proof that God is real.” Thanks for helping bring real life to those at the mission.


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